Welcome to Total Jerk!


Do you use liquid smoke in your Beef jerky?

Never. Never. Never. Real wood smoke imparts a unique flavor to the meat that can’t be found in any other way, it may take a bit longer, but we feel you will agree it is worth it.

Do you use Nitrates or Nitrites, or how is your meat cured?

Our beef jerky was born from a desire for a wholesome preservative free beef snack. We use only lower sodium soy or naturally occurring curing agents in our marinades. Of course the real smoke helps out a bunch too!

How long will a bag of jerky last unopened?

If stored at room temperature, we recommend consuming within one year. If stored in the Freezer we recommend consuming within eighteen months. We also recommend resealing and refrigerating open bags.

What type of Beef do you use?

We only use the best quality eye of round beef. We hand select, hand trim and hand cut all of our beef to ensure the freshest and most flavorful jerky.

Why don’t you add sugar or sweetners to your Jerky?

Why would we? No offence to those that do, but you wouldn’t put sugar on a steak, why would I put it in jerky? Unless of course it is our Teriyaki, then its organic sugars and purposefully balanced.